Pre-Order Your Pie

Reserve the pie of your dreams!

We bake fresh every day, and that means we can sell out pretty dang quick. When it's gone, it's gone for the day!

If you need to be sure a pie will be waiting for you, make sure to call ahead and pre-order.

Just give us a call (573-447-7437) to let us know the size and flavor of pie you want when you'll be able to swing by. Then, come by the shop to pay and take home a few slices of love.


Pie sizes—how hungry are you?

9-inch Pies

Our 9-inch pies are great for sharing between a couple people. You can get about 6-8 slices from this pie, depending what a slice means to you. 

Baby Pies

This 5-inch pie is perfect for treating yourself. With only 1.5-2 slices, a Baby Pie doesn't even cheat your new diet.

12-inch Pies

Sharing is caring, and you won't mind so much with a 12-inch pie! Get 10-12 slices of goodness out of this big ol' pie.


These petite tarts are the smallest treats we offer in our shop. They're only 3-inches and cute as can be!

Don't forget— You'll be paying in store!

Still deciding which flavor to pre-order?