Fresh jelly jar Pies to Your Doorstep? Sounds like a plan!


Don’t be confused by the name, these sweet pies have nothing to do with jelly…they are made-from-scratch-with-a-ton-of-love tiny pies and baked into a 4-ounce tin container.   (Please note: we have moved from glass jars to tin containers - the size has stayed the same and the cute factor has actually INCREASED, if that is even possible! )

Your Jelly Jar Pies are baked the day they're shipped to you. Each package of 6 Jelly Jar Pies arrives on your doorstep with six tiny forks included, so you don’t have to delay pie time any longer! We ship out pies every Wednesday. Learn more about shipping and delivery. 

Sending to a loved one, friend, or business associate?
We’re happy to include a handwritten note with your package.

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