Frequently Asked Questions

The Shop

+ Do you sell jeans there?

No...We tried to sell jeans but we couldn't stop getting flour all over them. So we stuck to pies. Thanks for reminding us of the good ole days, though!

+ Can I visit the shop?

Absolutely! We encourage you and stop by and indulge in a pie. We’re open Monday-Friday 10:00am-6:00pm and Saturday 10:00am-5pm. Learn more.

+ Can I just walk in and buy a pie?

Yes! Come see us to drop by and buy a pie. You can also buy a pie online to be shipped to your doorstep. Wondering what kind of pie you should get? Meet the pies.

+ Do you offer seating?

Not yet! We may in the future, but right now you’ll have to buy your pie on a grab-and-go basis. If you’re worried about a wait you can pre-order your pie! Check out our pre-order FAQs.


+ What can you ship?

At this time we only ship Jelly Jar Pies. Don’t be confused by the name, these sweet pies have nothing to do with jelly…they are made-from-scratch-with-a-ton-of-love tiny pies and baked into a 4 ounce canning jar. Right now, we don’t ship cream pies. Our fruit and nut pies ship deliciously and withstand a variety of temperatures because they are canned.

+ Where can you ship?

You can ship Peggy Jean's from coast to coast! Check out our delivery page. If you're looking to ship within Columbia, MO your order must be over $100 and within city limits.

+ What comes with a package of Jelly Jar Pies?

Each package of six Jelly Jar Pies arrives on your doorstep via two-day air delivery. Six tiny forks are included and tied with a ribbon so you don't have to delay pie time any longer!

+ When can I expect my pie?

We ship every Wednesday. You MUST order by 3pm CST on Tuesday in order to be included in the next day's shipment. If you order after 3pm CST on Tuesday, you will be included in the next week's shipping order, so don't delay!z Packages shipped on Wednesday are scheduled to arrive no later than Friday afternoon.

+ Why haven't I received my pie?

Peggy Jean’s can’t guarantee the delivery of your package. Sometimes life happens, and surprises like bad weather can delay the arrival of your package. Peggy Jean’s Pies can’t refund any part of your order due to shipping delays. If your pie is marked undeliverable due to an incorrect address there will be a $10 charge for UPS to deliver to the correct address. When ordering, make sure to include a phone number for the lucky person who’s getting these pies.

+ How does the pie end up on my doorstep?

UPS will deliver the pies to your doorstep but they won't need a signature. So, make sure someone is home on Friday afternoon/evening to pick up your pies from the front step.


How do I pre-order?

You can call us directly or fill out this form!

Don't forget you'll be paying when you pick up in store!

Do I have to pre-order for holidays?

Absolutely. It’s a good idea to pre-order for great pie holidays like Mother’s Day, Easter, and 4th of July. Christmas and Thanksgiving are ONLY pre-order so make sure you get those requests in.

The Pie

+ Do you make all types of pie every day?

Sadly not. That’s so many pies that we would either have to be robots or just way less friendly. We make 18 different flavors each day depending on how what the mood of our kitchen is. If you’re hankering for a specific flavor- fear not! You can pre-order a pie so that you can have whatever pie flavor your lil heart desires.

+ Can I have your recipies?

Girl, no! Would you ask Google for their algorithm? I certainly hope not. Our family secret is in the proportions of the pie dough ingredients and it’s not written down anywhere.

+ Do you bake everything yourselves?

Heck yeah we do. Every single stinkin’ thing from scratch, every single day. And whatever doesn’t sell goes for half price the next morning. Check out what’s baking at Peggy’s Jeans on our Pie Menu.

+ Can I bring you ingredients to bake with?

No, sorry. We've got our own thing going over at Peggy Jean's kitchen. If you're looking for something specific in your pie you can check out our Pie Menu or even pre-order a pie.

+ Do you sell slices or do I have to buy the whole pie?

We only sell whole pies but if you're trying to find the loophole in your new diet we sell Baby Pies! Baby Pies are 5" pies and the perfect thing for anyone trying to restrain themselves from scarfing down a whole pie.

+ What sizes of pie do you have?

You can buy a 5" Baby Pie or a 9" pie every day. If you're looking for a 3" Tart, a Jelly Jar Pie, or 12" pie, you need to put in a special order. Check out the pre-order FAQs.

+ Do you sell out?

Yes! I don't know if you've heard, but people love pie. If you want something specific, you can call and pre-order. And if we don't sell out, those pies will be half-off the next day.

+ What if I want to bake my pie at home?

You're in luck! You can buy prepared, ready-to-bake pies complete with baking instructions! Drop by our store to pick up a pie today.

+ What if I want to buy, like, a lot of pie?

Then a lot of pie you shall have! Volume discounts are available, so contact us at for more information. Check out the Pie Menu to see which flavor(s) you want!


+ Do you do weddings?

Yes! First off, congratulations on your big day. Second, we would be happy to bake your wedding pie.

+ How many guests can you serve?

The more, the merrier! We have served weddings of 3,000 before and they've ranged from super formal to a barnyard bash. So no matter the size or the theme of your wedding-we'll be there.

+ Can I come in and taste wedding pies?

We encourage it! Inquire about a pie tasting on our weddings page.