Look Ma, we made it!

It’s not bragging if it’s true, right?

Check out the buzz.


We're proud mamas!

Our White Chocolate Strawberry pie was one of food network's best pies in america.

Read all about it here.


“These women make delicious pies… I think their Jelly Jar Pies are absolutely brilliant”

- Feast TV

“It wasn't just a bakery – it was a destination.”

- Columbia Missourian

“A wonderful mother-daughter owned pie bakery”

- the description of a Soundcloud song written for us!


“Pie is kind of the next thing… everyone’s interested in it… Their pies are amazing”

- Feast Magazine

“A gourmet pie bakery offering delicious, made-from-scratch pies.”

- Insureon Blog

“Mouthwatering pies and tarts”

- The Knot, Real Weddings


“It sounds like the storyline of a light-hearted comedy: A lawyer working remotely for a southern California law firm decides to open a pie bakery with her mom in a quintessential college town.”

- Feast Magazine

“It’s a true family-owned and family-run business”

- Nerd Wallet



Want to taste a pjp pie for yourself?