Here are the details on sending our jelly jar pies

The sweetest gift available on the Internet (in our humble opinion)

Let's get shipping


1. Ordering:

  • We ship every Wednesday.

  • You MUST order by 6 pm CST on Tuesday in order to be included in the next day’s shipment, and your pie should arrive that Friday. Order your Jelly Jar Pies now!

  • Our fruit and nut pies ship deliciously and withstand a variety of temperatures because they are canned.

  • CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY: The deadline to ship Jelly Jar pies for guaranteed arrival prior to Christmas is TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18TH AT 6 PM CST. Orders placed after that time will not ship until Wednesday, January 9th. Please email with any questions or concerns about holiday pie delivery.

2. Delivering:

Sadly Peggy Jean’s can’t guarantee the delivery of your package. Sometimes life happens, and surprises like bad weather can delay the arrival of your package. Peggy Jean’s Pies can’t refund any part of your order due to shipping delays.

3. Receiving:

You won’t need to sign for your delicious pies. So, make sure someone is home on Friday afternoon/evening to pick up your pies from the front step

When you get your pie

Want to reheat them?

Place them on a cookie sheet in a 325 degree oven for 10 minutes.  

Be Careful!

The pies will be exceptionally HOT when you remove them from the oven.  

Heat ‘em and eat ‘em soon.

The shelf life of the pies after opening is approximately 3 days.


 You may leave them room temperature or refrigerate the Jelly Jar Pies.

Have more questions? We recommend reading up on the Delivery FAQs


Let's get to pie-buying!